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January 08, 2021 • Roadvote

Updated marketing website

Corinn Pope
I took the designacademy email course and redesigned the roadvote homepage as I went along. I took a bunch of inspiration from multiple sites(avocode homepage and the todoist boards landing page). 

The illustrations were modified based on some stock images from adobe by yours truly. I think they turned out semi-decent. 

Now I feel more comfortable showing the site off. It looks a lot less amateur but still kinda indie and fun. The next question though to promote it?!?
December 14, 2020 • Roadvote

Product to an acceptable state. Time to start getting ready to promote it to the public.

Corinn Pope
Roadvote is at a good place product-wise. I feel like users can get value out of it in it's current state, so it's time to start promoting it. 

I was researching a few marketing courses to sharpen my skills. I was thinking about joining DemandCurve but it was expensive and relied mostly on paid ads. Instead I've started the conversionXL trial and am taking a course on product analytics. Branding is up next so I have something that is more appealing than a generic black, white, and blue tailwind site.

I'll still be spending some time on the product and updating it, but a majority will now be spent on marketing & promotion. Bleh!

Latest updates:
  • Added ability to send email notifications
  • Created a "success" page after new ideas and votes are successfully submitted
  • Add new default setting options
  • Improve small UI/UX things
  • Added Ahoy for event tracking

Coming soon:
  • Onboarding checklist and welcome modal in the works
  • Improved branding & landing page
  • Continue pulling ideas from our own public roadmap!

December 05, 2020 • Roadvote

Got a lot of stuff done today!

Corinn Pope
made a lot of updates today!
  • Improved color scheme
  • improved "vote for this" button
  • Working on email notifications (postmark is giving me issues)
  • Item visibility default option
  • fix some bugs around visibility and empty states

November 29, 2020 • Roadvote

Basic functionality up, working on the marketing site

Corinn Pope
* Marketing site copy
* Will I charge people for this? How? How much?
* Finish JS widget

* Visitors can submit and vote on feature requests
* Users can submit their own internal feature requests
* Users can choose which requests to hide & show on their roadmap
* Submitted feature requests have prioritization scores calculated for them
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