December 21, 2020

Sidetracked! A couple paid users and feedback

I don't know how other indie-style single dev projects deal with a "hit" of product launch, my anxiety level would be through the roof. May be why I opted for a slow roll out, to fix any underlying bugs and to try to incorporate any feedback from initial paying users.

Over the past few days I've been able to tack on a couple paid accounts to the ol' indie developer success belt. They've helped identify a few new features that I feel would improve the value significantly for our niche.

This has led me down the rabbit hole of focusing on the understanding of digital audio, differences between browsers (ugh), transcoding and what really is available in the browser today with regards to the MediaRecorder API. I have a much greater understanding of the capabilities and may post some analysis in the dusty personal blog. 

I feel we're on the cusp of more configuration of browser audio across the variants of browsers. Fingers crossed Safari keeps moving the needle.

Some pipeline features coming to the widget will be:

Allow for HQ audio input (set frame rate, sample rate, bits per second)
Degrade to standard if not supported by browser
Notify user of potential for degraded audio when using a browser not supporting HQ audio (this can be enabled/disabled)

I do plan to finish first ancillary product by Dec 31 that showcases Soundbite to niche audience. It's a podcast theme for Ghost publishing platform.


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