May 23, 2021

Big refactors completed

I was able to acquire the domain and do an initial deploy.

I've also taken the time to migrate the entire app from Bootstrap 5 beta to TailwindUI.

Excid3's StimulusJS components for Tailwind definitely helped speed up the dev once I discovered them.

A majority of the development has been on migrating from a Github OAuth app to a Github App. This configuration allows me all of the capability that I want without needing to ask for complete, unfettered access to user's repos and the source code.

HappyBuild is tracking all of integration results from Github Actions and also supports handling of notifications triggered by Github's Deployment API.

I'm currently monitoring 7 personal, private repositories with HappyBuild.  

The plan now is to make it live so that others can beta test and I can begin to collect feedback a week or so.


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