March 04, 2021

Plaid integration working

I got the integration with the Plaid API working.  I can pull in bank account & transaction data.  Next up is to finish the UI for assigning transactions to different budgets.  Oh and I also made a logo.  I probably need to get a landing page up to start collecting emails.  I've been working late into the night and getting up early to get work done on the project in between work & family.  The best part is I'm excited about the project so I my body doesn't seem to care about the lack of sleep.  Hopefully I can keep up the pace and get an MVP launched by the end of March.

logo_transparent_background.png 114 KB


Binh Ly on
Very cool!

I was just approved for Plaid production access, so I salute you for getting this far.
Ivan Raszl on
Nice work!

That logo needs more work! Happy to help if you need a designer. :)
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