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March 04, 2021 • Uinta Money

Plaid integration working

Colton Malone
I got the integration with the Plaid API working.  I can pull in bank account & transaction data.  Next up is to finish the UI for assigning transactions to different budgets.  Oh and I also made a logo.  I probably need to get a landing page up to start collecting emails.  I've been working late into the night and getting up early to get work done on the project in between work & family.  The best part is I'm excited about the project so I my body doesn't seem to care about the lack of sleep.  Hopefully I can keep up the pace and get an MVP launched by the end of March.

logo_transparent_background.png 114 KB
February 12, 2021 • Uinta Money

Idea creation

Colton Malone
For years I have been upset with the big budgeting tools, Mint, YNAB, Mvelopes, EveryDollar, etc.  They just didn't match my style of budgeting and all left me resorting back to spreadsheets.  UintaMoney is my attempt to create a mix between the existing budgeting tools, traditional business financial statements & spreadsheets.  If anything, it will hopefully help me solve my own budgeting problems.  Let's goooo!
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