February 11, 2021

I'll build MVP based on feedback comments here

I've had the domain athletes.io for a few years and I think it's time to use it.

Inspired by Brian Casel product Threadly in Remote Ruby I just want to build something quick and simple.

I want to build a simple MVP for athletes over the next week where they can create a custom 1 page profile with links, images or content associated with their needs.

So basically linktr.ee for athletes.

Some questions I'm thinking about:

  • What content should athletes be able to place on their Athletes.io/profile ?
  • How do I verify they are athletes?
  • What features could I add that would help athletes?
  • How should it be priced? Free, Monthly Billing, Both?
  • What else should I think about?

I'll build it straight away if I like the idea! 

Answers in the comments......

Just throw any thoughts at me please 🤩 🙏🏼 😁


Stephen Swann on
Could be something used by personal trainers for business profiles $5/mo for a generic profile and then perhaps something else where people can schedule or connect through the app to said person.
John Chambers on
I was thinking similar around the price point for the paid plan. Linktree is $6 for Paid plan
John Chambers on
Definitely want to add some kind of way for athletes to monazite their profile/audience too not sure which ways yet though.
John Chambers on
Maybe they can set up a price for Company Zoom calls. Like Cameo in person appearance fees. Cut out the middle men/sports agents. Up and coming athletes don't always have agents too.

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