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February 16, 2021 •

Embedded Links

John Chambers
Big thanks to the GoRails Slack group for giving me feedback. It's been really helpful 🙏🏼

Over the last  day or 2 I've added some meaty features:

  • Embed Links for Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube etc
  • Added all Social Media Icons
  • Improved background settings for flat colours, gradients and image backgrounds
  • Added the ability for athletes to list products
  • Stripe connect accounts are nearly ready for Athletes to start using
  • Added some analytics tracking for Athletes too

Next steps:
  • Complete Stripe Connect Payments
  • Add Paywall for PRO Features
  • Add Mailers
  • Contact some more real life athletes
  • Twitter and Instagram oAuth login

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 10.37.46.png 1.74 MB

February 15, 2021 •

First Profile Live

John Chambers
I got the basic profile builder completed over the weekend with some styling options and an iPhone live preview.

Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 10.22.58.png 604 KB

Even though I'm not an athlete here's my profile:

Next up I'm adding ways for athletes to make money through their social media profiles.

February 11, 2021 •

I'll build MVP based on feedback comments here

John Chambers
I've had the domain for a few years and I think it's time to use it.

Inspired by Brian Casel product Threadly in Remote Ruby I just want to build something quick and simple.

I want to build a simple MVP for athletes over the next week where they can create a custom 1 page profile with links, images or content associated with their needs.

So basically for athletes.

Some questions I'm thinking about:

  • What content should athletes be able to place on their ?
  • How do I verify they are athletes?
  • What features could I add that would help athletes?
  • How should it be priced? Free, Monthly Billing, Both?
  • What else should I think about?

I'll build it straight away if I like the idea! 

Answers in the comments......

Just throw any thoughts at me please 🤩 🙏🏼 😁

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