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January 26, 2021 • Giftvite

Back at it! making it real now

John Chambers
Made good progress on Giftvite over Christmas. 

Excited to say that I've started importing some real products from supplier. This has given me a far bigger boost than I expected.

So far I have 2 suppliers interested in using Giftvite as a sales channel for their businesses.

find a gift screenshot

My plan now is to have 3 methods of buying Gifts

  • Simple order checkout - for shipping products to the buyer or the gift recipient with greeting.
  • Send a Giftvite - where you send a Greeting with link for the gift recipient to select the products they want from independent suppliers.
  • Order Subscription - Subscribe you or a gift recipient to an recurring order subscription over a number of weeks or months.

Lots more testing to do before I can actually put it live for some real customers.

I'm hoping to finish this as my January 12 in 12 project and have some orders coming in during February!  

November 15, 2020 • Giftvite

Day 3 - Business Model decisions

John Chambers
Many of the web applications I have worked on are extremely complicated (In my opinion) with as many as 80+ Tables in the database. I've decided to keep this one simple.

Decisions made to keep simple

Monthly subscriptions will be $20/month + VAT

I'm using dollars to I don't need to change JSP much. Monthly fee is only to filter out businesses who are time wasters.

My marketplace will charge around 10% transaction fee per order.

  • Suppliers can list in their own currency
  • I will manage currency conversion rates
  • All product weights will be in Kg
  • No customisation
  • No subdomains or custom domains

Tech Stack
  • HatchBox
  • Jumpstart Pro
  • Stripe
  • Cloudflare
  • Stimulus
  • Tailwind CSS & UI

More to come later...

November 13, 2020 • Giftvite

Day 1 - The Idea

John Chambers
My plan is to build an online marketplace for companies to buy staff gifts they actually want or need.

  • Local businesses can list products
  • Using Stripe for payments
  • Platform will take a transaction fee on sales
  • Gift recipient will have a choice of gifts to choose from
  • Shipping and packaging will be streamlined to make the job of the local business shipping easier.

Today's Plan

  • Spin up Jumpstart Pro
  • Get the website online
  • Design the domain model for tables and associations

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