Indie Testers

A platform where fellow indie hackers can find each others products before public release. If they give feedback they will get a discount!
February 11, 2021 • Indie Testers

Basic Auth for MVP

Archie Edwards
Last night I got the routes for authentication sorted.

Chose to just implement Basic Authentication rather than "sign in with Twitter" for simplicity reasons.

I also implemented JWT authentication so that users don't have to re-authenticate each time they refresh the page. This also helps to reduce common calls to the DB.
February 11, 2021 • Indie Testers

API's for User scope & Pagination

Archie Edwards
February 09, 2021 • Indie Testers

Initial server structure

Archie Edwards
Spent this evening planning out what my schema needs to look like for my server.

Ended up separating it into scopes to relate to user behaviour within the application.

I then implemented wildcards on the routes to have a structure similar to how I've set things up in the DB.

February 08, 2021 • Indie Testers

Platform planning

Archie Edwards
So today I took a step back from dev and planned how the platform would run.

I figured out what was needed for general use cases as well as how I could create it to avoid people abusing the platform for a quick promo code/user feedback

I then populated the base DB structure.

Now we have comments, would be cool to get some feedback!
February 07, 2021 • Indie Testers

Initial landing page with waitlist

Archie Edwards
So whilst I was building Gistie, I wanted to get some users to try and test my product. This was not that hard to find but the majority of people who said they were interested didn't actually test it in the end. Maybe they were deferred by the price I don't know. I felt bad asking for them to pay so I offered them a promo code in exchange for some feedback.

This leads me to my next idea - A platform where fellow indie hackers can try out each other's products and if they leave some feedback then they get a discount for when the product goes public. 

Indie Testers was born!!

In this video I create a landing page with a waiting list to get some interest :)

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