February 02, 2021

The idea that won't go away

Ever since I've built my first web applications and businesses I've been playing around with different approaches and systems for holding myself accountable in terms of productivity and business growth.

In most cases it's been about making myself more time efficient and also getting feedback to make better business judgement calls. However as I have built slightly bigger businesses I have found managing communications between team members and having a central place for all the internal business processes to be really important too.

So I started building Growbase and tinkering with my ideas about a year ago. It has evolved so much. I have added and removed features from it constantly as my multiple businesses being managed within Growbase have changed and grown in terms of requirements.

I recently stumbled across Stripe Home and it has a lot in common with the solution I'm trying to create for small independent businesses and feelancers.

I'm hoping that Growbase will provide an ideal environment for business ideas to grow and teams to communicate and also a place where collaboration with other trusted startup freelancers can be as seamless as possible. Hopefully it helps to grow ideas, grow teams, grow knowledge, grow your customer base and grow revenue for startups and individuals.

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 13.01.22.png 1.16 MB


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