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February 12, 2021 • Uservey

Userveys has decided to add Video responses!

After a few quick unscientific polls to get a general idea if it would be a useful feature, I have decided that I will start the addition of video in Uservays by allowing Video responses.

In fact, I have a quick screengrab of the pre-MVP work on video here:

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 9.56.37 AM.png 102 KB

As always, any feedback is appreciated :)
February 08, 2021 • Uservey

Userveys' landing page had its first release!

I am not great at design, so I used a template I had laying around and made some stylistic updates here and there, focused on some copy, and got it shipped!

Head over to to check it out (and sign up if it interests you, seriously, I need feedback for my feedback tool :-p)
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