February 08, 2021


You can now leave comments on posts. We still need to wire them up with notifications, but it's a start!

The comments are built with the new Hotwire & Turbo.js functionality in Rails. Comments are broadcasted in realtime to the browser so you should see them show up instantly from other users. 🚀
If you'd like to see how I built it, I've posted screencasts about it here: https://gorails.com/series/nested-comment-threads-in-rails

Leave a comment below to try them out.


Chris Oliver on
Hello world. 👋
Rob on
Archie Edwards on
Woah boom boom boom lets go 
John Chambers on
Nice. Love that these comments loaded for me without refreshing 🤩
Erik on
Those timestamps are off.
Erik on
This is a test comment. This inline edit is sweeeeeet.
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